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Wildnote: A Cost-effective Tool for Collecting, Managing, and Reporting Environmental Data

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Kristen Hazard, Founder & CEO, WildnoteKristen Hazard, Founder & CEO
Wildnote’s seed was planted when Founder and CEO, Kristen Hazard, developed an environmental compliance web application for Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) in 2011. At the time, she was a both a principal with an environmental consulting firm and a software programmer.

The positive response from PG&E inspired Kristen to investigate the ins-and-outs of large-scale, environmental compliance. Quickly, she identified a need for technology in an industry dependent on pen and paper and manual processes to collect, manage, and report data. Her idea? Disrupt the environmental-services industry with a cloud-based platform containing three powerful pieces: an iOS/ Android compatible mobile app that works offline; a project-based, web app for organizing collected data, including integrated photo-management, which eliminates manual uploading and manual linking of photos to the data collected and; a powerful export feature producing reports in a variety of formats, including pre-built agency-ready reports, such as the USACE Wetlands Determination forms and the state forms for Cultural Resources Management. Custom reports designed for specific client needs are also available.

The result is a time-saving, digital platform that produces consistent/accurate data, eliminates transcription and manual manipulation of data/photos to create a report. The reports are populated with the collected data, photos are automatically integrated, and the final report to stakeholders is delivered in a pre-formatted, professional export.

“We understand projects differ and inspectors work within legal guidelines. Thus, clients can customize forms and access both a pre-built forms library with specific compliance guidelines,” says Kristen. Wildnote also enables data collectors to capture geotagged photos/ videos for better analysis and review. Inspectors upload the collected data to the cloud, enabling project managers at the office to quality assure and analyze the data.

“We assist our clients in transitioning from a paper-based workflow to digital technology. Since this is a difficult shift, we offer professional services to ensure their workflow change is successful.

We envision Wildnote bringing greater efficiency and needed cost savings to regulatory agencies defining environmentalcompliance efforts across the globe, helping to push sustainability forward faster

In this process, we discover their project needs and guide them carefully through implementation. We offer a free trial, which includes access to our survey form library. This helps our clients get a head start in learning to use the platform,” Kristen says.

An illustrative example of Wildnote facilitating efficiency is the time savings it brought a client on a large-scale pipeline project. The client monitors hundreds of miles of pipeline for the endangered desert tortoise. This daily grind includes up to 60 biologists generating one report everyday, resulting in over 300 reports per week. At week’s end, the project manager compiles huge amounts of data for reporting in a Word document. Wildnote worked closely with the client to enable him to export the data into Word without having to format the document. The client now saves one hour a day per biologist collecting data and eight hours a week quality assuring the data and then exporting it as a report. The annual estimated cost savings are $312,000.

Wildnote works well on infrastructure improvement projects, such as pipeline replacement, airport expansion, and high-speed rail construction, as well as cultural resources management, ecological restoration, cannabis compliance, and large remediation projects.

The need for both private business and public agencies to adopt cloud-based technology is apparent, given the ever-present need to improve the bottom line, meet tight budgets, and to comply with government mandates for efficiency. Wildnote can serve both government agencies and the private sector in achieving monetary and efficiency goals.

“We are proud to help improve our environment and make our planet healthier. We envision Wildnote bringing greater efficiency and needed cost savings to regulatory agencies defining environmental-compliance efforts across the globe, helping to push sustainability forward faster,” says Kristen.